Explore Bali


Unique among the Indonesian archipelago which boasts over 13,000 islands, Bali is well known to travelers from around the world yet once here, endless experiences await discovery. With its black and white sand beaches, volcanic mountains and spectacular sunsets, Bali earns its reputation as a tropical heaven on earth. From earthy pursuits like surfing, diving or biking through emerald green paddy fields to soaking up the artistic vibe that palpably pulsates in Ubud to simply sipping on a sundowner as night falls in slinky Seminyak, Bali really does offer something for everyone. Hindu festivals and rituals are very much part of everyday Balinese life; You can expect to see at least one celebration during your visit. Regardless of when you visit, expect as well to be charmed by the Balinese people’s legendary hospitality and reverence for life, nature and the divine.

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