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Charm overflows from Hoi An’s quaint riverside shop houses as does the selection of quality silk products, jade, pearls, clothing, lacquer ware and fine linens hand woven by physically challenged artisans. Hoi An is rightly famous for made-to-measure suits and dresses, whipped up by inexpensive, speedy tailors in 24 to 48 hours. Or if you prefer, The Nam Hai elevates this bespoke experience by bringing in seamstresses to do the measurements and fittings at your villa. Back in Hoi An, most shops are small family enterprises that open as early as 8:00 am until 9:00 pm.

Start with some sparkle from Viet Lac Jewelry (51 Phan Boi Chau Street, T +84 510 914 471), a simple store of well-crafted pieces inspired by international masters like Tiffany’s, Cartier and George Jensen. Begin your adventures in top notch tailoring among the fabulous fabrics at Bao Khanh Shop (101 Tran Hung Dao Street, T +84 510 3861 818) then accessorize with embroidered silk mules at Nhi Nhi (64 Le Loi Street, T +84 510 910 953), stopping in along the way at closet size shops selling handmade paper lanterns that can be easily packed.

Hoi An’s version of destination shopping, Yaly Couture (47 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, T +84 510 3910 474) makes a frenetic first impression but fine tailoring takes place here as visitors squeeze together in front of the too few mirrors to admire their freshly fitted silk organza ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese women’s dress, and for men, suits that look crafted by the finest England or Italy has to offer. After spoiling yourself silly, do something good for others while still self-indulging down the street at Reaching Out (103 Nguyn Thai Hoc, T +84 510 910 168). All seriously chic clothing and home wares here have been hand crafted by locals with disabilities but plenty of talent.

Recommended shops:

Bao Khanh Shop
Yaly Couture
Reaching Out


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