Heritage and Local Life


As residents ourselves, we never tire of exploring Hoi An by river cruise, especially at dusk to gaze upon the changing shades between clouds and sky. We also love hopping into a traditional cyclo to cruise around this UNESCO World Heritage town of centuries-old cobblestone streets and historic architecture rich with history inside its time worn walls.

The Nam Hai innovates local sightseeing as well with experiential tours like “Meet the Farmer” bringing guests to farm in the Vietnamese countryside and “Sunrise Fisherman Tour” which kicks off early in the morning along the river as local fishermen return from their night at sea. Assist them to unload their catch then have breakfast together by the port.

Guests with a bit more time can dive into “A Day in the Life of a Fisherman.” Tour an impressive water coconut plantation at the Hoi An River Delta and learn how to catch fish using traditional Vietnamese nets. Most challenging will be attempting to maneuver the ubiquitous round basket boats still used extensively for fishing and to ferry goods. This in depth experience leads up to lunching on your day’s catch.


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