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Tourism Destination | GHM Hotels

Exploring Switzerland’s Alpine Passes

20 January 2018

Want to get a mile high? Just follow the roads along Switzerland’s many ancient alpine passes which corkscrew and snake their way through some of the most scenic vistas in Europe. Start your engines and get ready for a drive to the sky. Switzerland is home to dozens of...


Fondue Season in Switzerland

11 November 2017

While it’s eaten year round on the French side of Switzerland, the rest of the country reserves the melted...


Season of Gift Giving

8 December 2015

With Christmas knocking on our doors, and New Year just around the bend, this is a time of the...

Luxury Hotels | Switzerland | The Chedi Andermatt | GHM Journeys

Swiss Bliss: The Chedi Andermatt Spa

13 November 2015

Ski season is blossoming in Switzerland, and for those who are seeking several days out on the slopes in...

NamHai | Lobby Entrance | Luxury Hotels | GHM Hotels

GHM: Where Design Meets Luxury

11 November 2015

The hotel world is changing, and while designers have gotten their hands wet in the game, perhaps the most intriguing hotel group to step up is GHM – with a series of culturally inspired hotels that boast the vibrant locales of where they are located, GHM has taken the...

Switzerland Wines | GHM Journeys

Switzerland’s Hidden Wines

16 October 2015

In a land famed for everything but, our contributor Adam Graham sniffs out the seductively secret wine trail that...

Spa Reception Lounge | The Chedi Muscat

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: GHM’s Spa Secrets

14 October 2015

Massage therapy is high on the list of many as a method to cope with body aches and stressful...

Eric Zeller | Ski Butlers | The Chedi Andermatt

Ski Butlers: Bringing Ease Back to Skiing

25 September 2015

As we edge towards ski season in Switzerland, sportsmen and women are chomping at the bit to hit the...

Cheese | Switzerland | GHM Journeys

On the Cheese Trail in Switzerland

15 September 2015

Not all cheese are created equally. Adam H. Graham carves out a slice of Switzerland for tourists in search...

Spa Jade Massage | GHM Journeys

Jade Massage: The Ultimate Four-Hands Massage

1 September 2015

In a world where massages can relax even the most tightly wound of bodies, there is a relatively new...