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    The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay, Montenegro

    Set on the waterfront of Montenegro’s Trašte Bay within the coastal town of Luštica Bay along the Luštica peninsula, The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay welcomes you to unwind with our authentic, indulgent, and personalisable luxury hospitality experiences.

    Our contemporary resort hotel offers elegant, light-filled rooms which echo the movement of the Adriatic Sea and the colours of the Mediterranean beyond. The hotel premises includes 111 rooms and suites, two restaurants, two bars, a high-tech conference and business centre, a wellness spa with indoor pool, a private beach and an outdoor infinity pool. From culinary artistry to thoughtful technology, our facilities are everything you would expect from Montenegro’s most exclusive luxury 5-star hotel, and brought to life with genuine Montenegrin hospitality and one-step-ahead service.



    What makes The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay the best luxury hotel in Montenegro?

    As with all other GHM properties worldwide, The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay offers our guests a luxury hotel experience in Montenegro like no other. The signature hospitality of the Mediterranean infuses every aspect of your stay with us, from the gracious and genuine warmth of our staff, to the fine attention to detail present in our rooms, amenities, and facilities. Look forward to making beautiful memories with us in one of the most breathtaking beachside resorts in the world.

    What is the price of a luxury resort in Montenegro?

    The price of a room at The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay in Montenegro begins at US$200, subject to availability and seasonality, and excluding taxes and service charges. Make a booking online or contact our friendly customer service team on the ground for more information. Travellers planning for a special occasion can also take a look at our 5-star luxury vacation packages for a truly unrivalled vacation experience.

    Why is The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay popular as a luxury Montenegro resort?

    There is no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts in Montenegro, but The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay has set ourselves apart from the rest through our tireless dedication to world-class service and personalised experiences. Every detail of your stay has been anticipated by us to ensure that you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mediterranean without lifting a finger. Apart from getting to enjoy the breathtaking beachside views and luxurious rooms and suites, you can look forward to personalised recommendations from our hotel concierge tailored to your individual needs, interests, and preferences.

    Which luxury hotels in Lustica Bay, Montenegro have rooms with great views?

    The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay offers a wide variety of luxury hotel rooms and suites, each of which comes with a balcony and a breathtaking view. Wake up to the morning sun streaming in through generous floor-to-ceiling windowed doors, and step outside onto your private balcony for a relaxing breakfast overlooking the bright blues and greens of the Adriatic sea. Watch the warm natural light unfurling in your room throughout the day, and end your night cocooned by the soothing sounds and scents of the Montenegrin seabreeze.

    What makes The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay a romantic luxury resort in Lustica Bay, Montenegro?

    Whether you are planning a proposal, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or even just a spontaneous romantic getaway, The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay is the perfect place to rekindle the timeless love between you and your significant other. Not only are our rooms cosy and intimate with 5-star amenities and everyday luxuries to match, but our luxury resort offers one-of-a-kind experiences that you and your partner can enjoy together. Get in touch with our hotel concierge today to find out more about our romantic holiday packages and promotions. We also offer our own Montenegro wedding packages to help you plan your dream destination wedding.

    What is the best area to stay in Montenegro?

    The Montenegrin coast is one of the most popular areas to stay in in Montenegro – and for good reason. Guests are often left speechless by the view of the sea from our luxury resort and hotel along Luštica Bay, and your holiday with us only gets better when you fully indulge in the sightseeing, activities, and local culture that the Luštica peninsula offers. Whether you’re biking through the olive grove-dotted hillsides, kayaking through Trašte Bay, or sailing along the Adriatic Sea, unforgettable memories and experiences await at The Chedi Hotel and Residences Luštica Bay.

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