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Nestled in the heart of the Katara Cultural Village lies a five-star luxury hotel, The Chedi Katara. Enclosed in its private paradise, we welcome you into this elegant interweave of the architectural marvel that ties perfectly the traditional with the contemporary. Blending the richest aspects of Arabian and Asian hospitality, Moghul architecture and Ottoman influence, The Chedi Katara, with its 59 elegantly appointed rooms and suites and 32 villas complemented by world-class culinary concepts, is a true emblem of grandeur.

We invite you to partake in an experience unlike any other with our repertoire of thoughtfully curated stay experiences that encompasses all senses. Step into a world of respite and relaxation against our splendid sea views and lush greenery and be soothed by the calmness in a backdrop of beauty and comfort here at The Chedi Katara.

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