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Montenegro in Motion: Pedalling Through the Gem of the Mediterranean

Unsplash Vladan Raznatovic

Montenegro: An embodiment of nature’s marvels and a jewel adorning the Mediterranean. Majestic mountains, serene glacial lakes, lush parks, meandering rivers, and sun-kissed beaches extend an irresistible call to adventurers. Ancient towers stand sentinel over the Adriatic coastline, enhancing the region’s magnetic appeal. This spellbinding terrain beckons cyclists to navigate its varied landscapes and immerse themselves in Montenegro’s rich historical tapestry.

In this carefully curated cycling adventure, the exhilaration of exploration is coupled with scenic ascents, thrilling descents, and tranquil stretches that unfurl at every twist and turn. The stunning Montenegrin sights leave an unforgettable imprint in the hearts of those who traverse this Mediterranean jewel.

Origin: Luštica Bay
The journey commences at Luštica Bay, synonymous with tranquillity and luxury. Begin the day with a serene awakening at The Chedi Luštica Bay resort, nestled amidst the peaceful surroundings. Meander along the beachfront, a picturesque promenade adorned with charming boutiques and inviting eateries. Here, relish a leisurely breakfast, sipping Montenegrin coffee while soaking in the marina’s breathtaking views before setting off on your cycling adventure.

Stop 1: Tivat
Distance: 15 km
Duration: 60 minutes

Tivat, a fusion of Montenegrin charm and modern sophistication, welcomes cyclists with its opulent marina, Porto Montenegro. Amidst a myriad of yachts, upscale boutiques, and gourmet restaurants, it beckons for a mid-morning interlude. Within Tivat lies The Naval Heritage Collection, a museum unveiling maritime history, offering profound insights into the region’s naval legacy.

Unsplash Erna ZogjaniUnsplash_Erna Zogjani

Stop 2: Kotor
Distance: 12 km
Duration: 60 minutes

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kotor is a vibrant canvas of history brought to life. Its Old Town, a labyrinth of cobbled streets embraced by medieval structures, invites visitors to lose themselves in its timeless charm. The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon and the Maritime Museum stand as definitive stops for exploration. For those who carry the spirit of adventure in their souls, the hike to the fortress of Saint John promises a breathtaking panorama of the bay below.

Unsplash Radik SitdikovUnsplash_Radik Sitdikov

Stop 3: Perast
Distance: 10 km
Duration: 45 minutes

Perast, a Baroque gem, introduces cyclists to the man-made wonder, Our Lady of the Rocks. Transitioning from bike to boat offers respite for weary legs and a chance to appreciate the surroundings from a unique vantage. The islet, a short boat ride away, houses a splendid church and museum. Post-adventures, Perast’s waterfront restaurants invite guests for a relaxed lunch featuring local seafood delicacies – an immersion into the region’s culinary and cultural tapestry.

Unsplash Evgeny MatveevUnsplash_Evgeny Matveev

Stop 4: Njeguši
Distance: 15 km
Duration: 60 minutes

Tucked in the embrace of the mountains, Njeguši is a hidden gem for gastronomes. Famed for Njeguši cheese and meats from time-honoured smokehouses, visitors relish these meticulously curated delights. The cheese has been cured in a blend of salt and milk, and Its distinctive aroma is marked by the prosciutto being smoked over beech wood. Sampling these delicacies and taking a piece of this culinary heritage home is an enticing prospect, available at local delis or artisan markets.

Stop 5: Lovćen National Park
Distance: 10 km
Duration: 45 minutes

Brimming with natural splendour, Lovćen National Park offers panoramic views of the Montenegrin landscape. This park is home to the mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, a revered poet and philosopher. A brief albeit steep hike leads to the mausoleum, rewarding visitors with vistas and viewpoints. Nestled within nature’s embrace, this peak serves as an ideal spot to rest and capture stunning photographs.

Unsplash Joachim LesneUnsplash_Joachim Lesne

As the sun sets on this day-long odyssey, the return journey to The Chedi Luštica Bay, gracefully facilitated by private car arrangements, serves as a leisurely transition, allowing travellers to savour the lingering moments of this exhilarating adventure while basking in the comfort and luxury of the journey’s end.

chedi lustica bay

Embark on a cycling escapade through Montenegro’s captivating landscapes, tracing a route from the serene The Chedi Luštica Bay to the ancient marvels of Kotor and beyond. Unveil the Mediterranean gem as you pedal through history, indulging in gastronomic delights and panoramic vistas along the way. Join us for an unforgettable journey intertwining luxury, adventure, and the rich tapestry of Montenegro’s cultural heritage.

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