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The Wine Odyssey: A Journey Through Montenegro’s Enchanted Vineyards


Inspired by The Chedi Hotel & Residences Luštica Bay‘s Summer Magazine

This summer, discover an exclusive sojourn into the heart of Montenegro’s viticultural heritage — a Wine Tour – a passage through time, celebrating the marriage of ancient traditions with the nuanced sophistication of modern oenology.

Amidst landscapes stretching from the Adriatic’s glistening shores to the serene expanse of its rolling hills lies an experience designed for the connoisseur whose passion is the delicate art of winemaking.


Montenegro reveals itself as a sanctuary of viticulture, boasting 33 indigenous grape varieties nurtured across the expanse of Plantaže. This majestic vineyard unfolds like a green tapestry sprawled over 5,700 acres under the European sun. Under the azure canopy of the Mediterranean sky, the vineyard beckons with its bountiful rows of grapevines, each telling a silent story of the generations that have tendered them. Here, the essence of Montenegro’s wine country captivates the soul, echoing a harmony of earth and heritage.

Embark on this intimate odyssey, guided by the stories of vintners who have woven their lives into the fabric of this land. As you savour each drop of wine, hear the stories of these custodians’ experiences of the legacy of varietals that have flourished through the centuries, encapsulating the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. This juxtaposition creates a spellbinding tableau, crafting a balance where reverence for tradition and the audacity of modernity coexist in perfect harmony. The ritual of wine tasting then transforms into an immersive narrative where each vintage reveals its story – a tapestry of aroma and essence. Paired exquisitely with the finest local produce – from cheeses crafted with artisanal skill to bread that carries the warmth of the hearth – the wine unfolds its character, a symphony of flavours that narrates its journey from vine to glass, a true feast for the senses.


With the amber glow of sunset setting the sky aflame, return to The Chedi Hotel & Residences Luštica Bay, your home away from home this summer. With glasses aloft, toast to this unforgettable exploration of Montenegro’s vinous bounty – a moment of profound connection – to the land, its fruits, and a heritage that thrives, blending the threads of past and present into each revered bottle.

Embark on a journey where the legacy of Montenegro’s vineyards beckons with an allure as intoxicating as the wine itself. Discover the intricate dance of tradition and innovation within each glass at The Chedi Hotel & Residences Luštica Bay. Toast to a summer like no other, draped in the elegance of heritage and the luxurious taste of adventure.

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