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GHM Takes Responsibility for Purposeful Luxury Hospitality

GHM Press release GHM Takes Responsibility for Purposeful Luxury Hospitality 13June2023 v2


Inimitable creator of stylish hotels and resorts worldwide, General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM), continues to drive purposeful travel through a range of green initiatives and sustainable practices across The Chedi resorts worldwide. Recognising the importance of environmental stewardship, The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, UAEThe Chedi Muscat, OmanThe Chedi Andermatt, SwitzerlandThe Chedi Hotel and Residences, Luštica Bay, MontenegroThe Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort, Doha, Qatar and The Chedi El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt, are committed to reducing the ecological footprint and providing discerning travellers with meaningful getaways without compromising on luxury. In doing so, each stay at The Chedi manifests unrivalled lifestyle indulgence and contributes to a more meaningful travel experience.

This commitment is deeply ingrained in GHM’s DNA, guiding its decisions and actions across its portfolio of distinguished resorts. GHM’s green strides are evident across a range of initiatives, namely:

  • Abiding by a 100 percent plastic-free policy – This includes replacing single-use plastics with sustainable alternatives, such as steel or glass straws, biodegradable garbage bags and elegant glass water in every guest room. The hotels have introduced a water filtering and bottling system as part of this switch to multi-use glass bottles.
  • Operating under a zero-waste policy – Measures to recycle plastic packaging and keep food waste at bay are regularly enhanced by monitoring water and energy consumption data and trash recycling rates.
  • Improving sustainability standards and procedures – Motion sensor light fixtures are installed in common spaces, hallways and guest rooms, alongside water-saving fixtures and optimised air-conditioning systems without compromising guest comforts. The hotels also actively seek guest feedback on sustainability preferences and requirements to enhance their next stay.
  • Collaborating with the local community – Each hotel works closely with local suppliers committed to eco-friendly production methods to prioritise organically-grown food from local markets across GHM’s dining establishments.

“At GHM, we believe that sustainability is more than a buzzword and goes beyond green initiatives. It is no longer an option but a responsibility that must be internalised wholeheartedly and includes creating jobs and training locals in the communities where we operate. Within each destination, we aim to positively impact the environment in which we live, work and play,” said Tommy Lai, GHM’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Chedi takes the lead in attracting and training talents that advocate ethical and meaningful guest experience so that each stay is authentic and culturally immersive as we shape a sustainable future for generations to come.”

At The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, UAE, the hotel operates its own portable water filtration plant to ensure that premium still and sparkling drinking water is readily available for guests and staff. The water is infused with nourishing minerals and packaged into sanitised glass bottles throughout the hotel’s rooms, dining and retail spaces. A dedicated Tesla charging station encourages in-house guests and visitors to conveniently charge their eco-friendly vehicles and indulge in an authentic coffee blend at The Café while refuelling. In partnership with Sharjah-based waste management contractor, M/S BEEACH, all glass, cardboard, plastic items and even kitchen oil left by guests are recycled. Food waste is later transformed into high-quality compost to maintain The Chedi Al Bait’s beautiful landscaping.

At The Chedi Muscat, Oman, the hotel has transitioned to using LED lighting, smart thermostats and renewable energy sources such as solar panels illuminating the palm trees on its main lawn. Sustainable landscaping practices were introduced, such as incorporating native plant species and local wild grass to minimise water consumption and eliminate the need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 70% of the hotel land remains untouched to support local flora and fauna. In working with eco-conscious partners and sourcing from fair trade certified vendors, 80% of the hotel’s seafood is obtained locally and in line with the Oman government guidelines. The Chedi Muscat also collaborates with Nespresso to collect and recycle single-use coffee capsules into stationery and thoughtful guest amenities.

At The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland, each of its nine houses adheres to low energy standards as part of the hotel’s 100% Green Electricity goal. The energy supplied is sourced from hydroelectric and wind power from the Gotthard region. Most of the property’s vehicle fleet operates on electricity and is supported by four charging stations. The Chedi Andermatt also offers the eco-friendly ‘mybuxi’ transport service, which is powered by green electricity and combines the flexibility of bus and taxi travel. In collaboration with KITRO, a cutting-edge solution for measuring and monitoring food waste, the hotel regularly implements steps to reduce waste generated across The Restaurant and staff canteen. It also supports SapoCycle, which repurposes discarded soap bars into life-saving hygiene products for vulnerable families. The Chedi Andermatt is proud to be part of the Swisstanable sustainable program, which unites businesses and organisations in the Swiss tourism sector towards sustainable business development. It is also actively involved in ‘Andermatt Responsible,’ an initiative for climate-friendly and sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region.

To learn more about sustainability at The Chedi Andermatt, please click here.

The Chedi Hotel and Residences in Luštica Bay, Montenegro, has demonstrated its dedication to environmental preservation and support of local communities and cultures by signing the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge. In recognition of its sustainable practices, the hotel was recently certified by Green Key. This prestigious program acknowledges businesses that have met high standards in energy and water conservation, waste management, eco-education and staff involvement. This certification was granted by the esteemed Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which operates across over 70 countries. Additionally, the hotel aims to solidify its sustainability efforts and become the first zero-waste hotel in the Balkans by striving for certifications with Earth Check and Zero Waste Montenegro.

To learn more about sustainability at The Chedi Hotel and Residences, Luštica Bay, please click here.

The Chedi Katara Hotel & Resort in Doha, Qatar, strives to create a harmonious balance between environmental stewardship and community engagement. It actively promotes local art, businesses and artisans to foster an appreciation for cultural heritage amongst guests whilst promoting environmental sustainability and protection. The Chedi Katara takes pride in its use of eco-friendly cleaning products and prioritises products with minimal ecological footprint. It also recognises the importance of guest education and involvement in sustainability efforts, thus inspiring guests to create eco-conscious travel memories by getting staff to lead by example. By cultivating sustainable behaviours, guests are encouraged to participate in the hotel’s sustainability programs.

Situated in the sustainable resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, The Chedi El Gouna upholds El Gouna’s eco-friendly design principles by emphasising energy efficiency and renewable resources. Almost half of the hotel’s produce, meats and seafood come from the country and local farms. In collaboration with Quanta Egypt, the official distributor of Brita water filtration systemThe Chedi El Gouna saves an estimated 250,000 plastic bottles annually by switching to high-quality filtered drinking water in reusable glass bottles. Guests are encouraged to explore their surroundings on foot or via electric vehicles. During Earth Week, hotel teams engage in various community activities such as beach clean-ups, tree planting events, recycled raft races and art bazaar, all culminating in a lights-out night to conserve electricity and raise awareness of preserving valuable natural resources. The Chedi El Gouna has become Egypt’s first destination under Egypt’s Green Star Hotel Initiative, marking a significant milestone in the Middle East’s tourism-based ecological certification program.

GHM is proud of its sustainability efforts and stands as a firm believer that luxury travel and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Across The Chedi properties and amidst unique challenges and opportunities faced in its expansion in the new tourism frontier of Saudi ArabiaGHM continues to drill this need to impact social well-being with environmental considerations. It underscores the importance of building hotels sensitively and responsibly and focuses on the longer-term sustainability and retraining of locals to adapt to new lifestyles.

Future plans for GHM include more openings in Saudi Arabia, Asia, and Europe, without losing sight of its commitment towards purposeful luxury hospitality.

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