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Deasy and the Deities at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud

12 September 2018

“Growing up in Bali males were defined as leaders,” explained Deasy. “Overall it’s still a bit of a struggle...


How to Manage the Monsoon in Mumbai

6 August 2018

India is famous for a multitude of icons, from Bengal tigers to Asian elephants, from Gandhi to the Taj...


Green with Envy: Pining After the Most Wondrous Beach in Oman

5 July 2018

“Stay where you are,” whispers my guide Aziz as I prepare to negotiate the short final ascent over the...


Going Vegetarian Inside and Out in Ubud

15 May 2018

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. The famous Greek physician was onto...


The First of Four Chambers at the Heart of Sharjah

4 May 2018

Dubai captured the world’s attention earlier this year when the world’s tallest hotel opened in a structure 356 metres...


Seeking Soul in Bali: A Balinese Purification Ceremony

10 April 2018

We leave The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud as the sun is still rising, before the heat of the...

Nyepi Dance in Bali

A Day of Silence, A Night of Vibrancy

17 March 2018

Once a year the tropical island of Bali plummets into a 24-hour silence in an attempt to reconnect on...

Destination Oman | Bat Al Khutm | Al Ayn | GHM Journeys

Rich Remnants of the Past: Oman’s Bat, al-Khutm and al-Ayn

5 February 2018

Deep in the interior of north-western Oman’s arid landscape sit some of the most preserved and intact remnants of...

Tourism Destination | GHM Hotels

Exploring Switzerland’s Alpine Passes

20 January 2018

Want to get a mile high? Just follow the roads along Switzerland’s many ancient alpine passes which corkscrew and...

Must see temples in Bali | GHM journeys

Must-see Temples in Bali

10 January 2018

Surf, beaches, nightlife, and shopping — these are perhaps the most gravitational of pulls that entice visitors to make...


Preserving Culture in Sur: The Dhow

5 December 2017

Centuries of time and effort have gone into perfecting the ideal ocean-going rig in Oman, and in one part...


Fondue Season in Switzerland

11 November 2017

While it’s eaten year round on the French side of Switzerland, the rest of the country reserves the melted...

Batik Dreams | GHM Journeys

Batik Dreams

25 April 2017

In an archipelago known for its diversity, it is the vibrant array of colours that remains constant. Nowhere is...

CMU | Camel Caravan Sahara | GHM Journeys

Desert Dwellers

20 April 2017

A nomadic society of people, the Bedouins of Northern Africa and the Middle East have long remained a shrouded...

Long Pool Cabana | GHM Journeys

A Walk Through Muscat’s Oasis

18 January 2017

The Chedi Muscat in Oman is one of the fixtures in a country that has been making a name...

Iftar meal in Muscat | GHM Journeys

An Iftar Meal in Muscat

1 May 2016

Ramadan comes once a year for Muslims around the world, but this month-long holiday comes with an experience that...

Chedi Tanah Gajah Rice Paddy Trekking Experiences


10 March 2016

Finding happiness is hard enough as is, but for The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah’s head butler, it’s all in...


Hadiprana Villa: Ubud’s Hidden Treasure Gets a Makeover

22 December 2015

September marked the completion of the Hadiprana Villa renovations at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud, and now that...


Season of Gift Giving

8 December 2015

With Christmas knocking on our doors, and New Year just around the bend, this is a time of the...


Ubud’s Best Kept Secret: Bumi Duadari

3 December 2015

In central Bali lies perhaps Bali’s best kept secret – Bumi Duadari. The private residence of renowned Indonesian art...


The Natural Beauty of Nusa Penida

24 November 2015

Nusa Penida, the 200-square-kilometre 60,000-strong island of silence is a place oft-ignored by travellers that make their way to...

Kecak Dance | Bali's Best Dance | GHM Journeys

Bali’s Best Dances

23 November 2015

Bali is an island where colour, art, spirituality and natural scenery all tie together into a bouquet of cultural...

Luxury Hotels | Switzerland | The Chedi Andermatt | GHM Journeys

Swiss Bliss: The Chedi Andermatt Spa

13 November 2015

Ski season is blossoming in Switzerland, and for those who are seeking several days out on the slopes in...

NamHai | Lobby Entrance | Luxury Hotels | GHM Hotels

GHM: Where Design Meets Luxury

11 November 2015

The hotel world is changing, and while designers have gotten their hands wet in the game, perhaps the most...

The Legian Bali Club DES Nusa Lembongan Bali

Island Dreaming: Nusa Lembongan

3 November 2015

About 30 minutes off the coast of Bali’s eastern coast via speedboat is Nusa Lembongan – Bali’s booming water...

Switzerland Wines | GHM Journeys

Switzerland’s Hidden Wines

16 October 2015

In a land famed for everything but, our contributor Adam Graham sniffs out the seductively secret wine trail that...

Spa Reception Lounge | The Chedi Muscat

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: GHM’s Spa Secrets

14 October 2015

Massage therapy is high on the list of many as a method to cope with body aches and stressful...

Saraswati Day | GHM Hotels

Saraswati Day: A Day of Knowledge

8 October 2015

Festivities bloom once again on the equatorial island of Bali next month, this time with the celebration of Saraswati...

Destination Sapa | GHM Journeys

Ethnic Excursion in Sapa

7 October 2015

In northern Vietnam, just south of the Vietnamese-Chinese border, is Sapa, one of the largest towns for the numerous...

Eric Zeller | Ski Butlers | The Chedi Andermatt

Ski Butlers: Bringing Ease Back to Skiing

25 September 2015

As we edge towards ski season in Switzerland, sportsmen and women are chomping at the bit to hit the...

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival | GHM Journeys

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2015

22 September 2015

October brings with a number of festivals and celebrations across the world, but if there is one not to...

Best Beaches in Bali | GHM Journeys

Best Beaches in Bali’s Bukit Peninsula

17 September 2015

Bali’s long-held position in the top ranks of most holiday-goers’ planners is well deserved: it doesn’t break the bank,...

Cheese | Switzerland | GHM Journeys

On the Cheese Trail in Switzerland

15 September 2015

Not all cheese are created equally. Adam H. Graham carves out a slice of Switzerland for tourists in search...

Eid Al-Adha | GHM Journeys

Celebrating Eid Al-Adha

4 September 2015

For travellers making their way to Muslim enclaves around the world this September, be on the lookout for one...

Spa Jade Massage | GHM Journeys

Jade Massage: The Ultimate Four-Hands Massage

1 September 2015

In a world where massages can relax even the most tightly wound of bodies, there is a relatively new...

Oman's Artful Beginnings | GHM Journeys

Oman’s Artful Beginnings

20 August 2015

From a kingdom that once spanned from Africa to India, to the thriving frankincense trade that left traders high...

Spa Fitness Essential Oils | GHM hotels

The Euphoric Balinese Massage

18 August 2015

Massage therapy offers a relaxing escape for both body and mind, and in Bali, this escape isn’t just a...


Oman’s Natural Escape: Jebel Shams

6 August 2015

In a land that boasts a natural landscape both unexpected and grandiose, it is Jebel Shams, Oman’s largest canyon,...

Market garden in Summer festivals in Bali

Summer Festivals in Bali

4 August 2015

Bali knows how to do summer right, and in no month is that more apparent than in August, where...

Amed | Bali |GHM Journeys

Amed — Bali’s Hidden Diving Paradise

22 July 2015

On Bali’s eastern shores sits a sliver of hidden paradise. Quiet, slow, and focused more on the water than...

Hiking Switzerland's Canton Uri| GHM Journeys

Hiking Switzerland’s Canton Uri

14 July 2015

Switzerland’s best hiking is found in The Chedi Andermatt’s back yard — Canton Uri. Below are travel writer Adam...

Traditional Eats in Bali

Traditional Eats in Bali

14 July 2015

Bali is an island of treasures, and while many find their riches at the beach and in the shrouded...

Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival

6 July 2015

July is certainly a busy month around the globe: with Ramadan coming to an end world-wide, and the arrival...

Muscat | GHM Journeys

Muhammed’s Muscat

30 June 2015

In a land steeped in tradition and culture, there is still much left for many to learn about Oman....

UNESCO Sites |GHM Journeys

UNESCO Sites You Won’t Want to Miss

22 June 2015

GHM hotels are hard to outclass, but for travellers trying to find some of the few things that can...

Galungan and Kuningan | GHM Journeys

Celebrating Galungan and Kuningan in Bali

22 June 2015

Bali has a rich tradition of cultural rituals and festive celebrations that run pretty much year-round. But with July...

ArtBasel | New Exhibition Hall | GHM Journeys

Summer of Art

16 June 2015

Art Basel sees gallerists, artists, curators and collectors descend on the Rhine-perched Swiss city every June, but it’s only...

Surfer Bali | GHM Journeys

Hang Ten in Bali

15 June 2015

Long-hailed as the surf mecca of the world, Bali has been indulging those with a passion for surf since...

Salmon Salad | Food | GHM Journeys

Cooking in Colour

8 June 2015

In a world of millions of apron-clad chefs, there are very few that set the bar for cool, but...

Destination | Vietnam | GHM Journeys

Lounging in Hue

26 May 2015

A happy medium between Vietnam’s bustling metropolises and smaller hideaways, Hue coaxes visitors with its slow-moving charm and impeccable...

Wellness | Jamu | GHM Journeys

Jamu, The Infallible Elixir

19 May 2015

Indonesia’s traditional remedies have long stayed secret in the vast southern archipelago, but local entrepreneurs are working hard to...

Destination Zurich| Swimming in Zurich | GHM Journeys

Swimming Zurich

19 May 2015

The world knows it as a banker’s hub and a skier’s gateway to the Alps, but from June to...

Chedi Tanah Gajah overview

Managing Paradise

12 May 2015

Managing anything is tough work, but what about managing one of the finest getaways in Bali? We sit down...

The Beach House Indoor Setup

Union in Paradise

30 April 2015

Getting married is one of life’s memorable milestones, an event marked with a celebrated uniting of hearts in honour...

Spa Fitness Yoga

Oasis of Health

28 April 2015

Holiday is all about relaxation, and sometimes clearing the mind and body of stress through exercise is the best...

Destination Oman

Muscat’s Marvels

25 April 2015

While the sands of time have lessened Muscat’s importance as an international port city, the world is taking note...

Spiritual Healer in Bali

The Art of Healing

15 April 2015

Having discovered the meaning of life, the Balinese healer and spiritual guide, I Gusti Putu Karep, is rounding out...

Andermatt Town

Hidden History

13 April 2015

Andermatt in Switzerland has found new life with the arrival of luxury resort, The Chedi Andermatt, in 2013, but the...

Fireworks in Danang

Explosion of Colours

10 April 2015

On the nights of 28-29 April, the snaking Han River in Da Nang is set to glow with ‘A...

CoTu people

Hidden in the Heartland

31 March 2015

Hidden in the greenery of central Vietnam’s hilly Quang Nam province, Vietnam’s smallest ethnic minority, the Co Tu, find...


Designing Greatness

19 March 2015

From a child without a title to the king bearing the crown, Jaya Ibrahim recalls the journey that landed...


Vietnamese Nirvana

9 March 2015

With the ancient art of massage increasing in both importance and popularity, the only question that remains is: Which...

The Chedi Andermatt | Destination | Winter

Off the Path in Andermatt

2 March 2015

While skiing and snowboarding are the big draws to the Swiss Alps, we had a chance to sit down...

The Chedi Muscat| Dining |Arabic Mix Grill

Reworking the Kitchen

2 March 2015

Mired in mystique and relative obscurity by many kitchens around the world, Middle Eastern cuisine has given French chef...

GHM Journeys | Destination | Hoi An | Bridge

Time Travel in Central Vietnam

1 March 2015

Central Vietnam’s cultural restoration is underway, and the old town of Hoi An is right in the middle of...