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Exploring Bali in the pages of National Geographic

After returning home from a nine-day trip to Bali last summer, I found myself dreaming of the place constantly, wishing I could go back. The languid pace of its long tropical days, the rich spirituality interwoven with its daily life, and the sheer, almost otherworldly, natural beauty of its...

Al Bait Sharjah

Five Things You Need to Know about Al Bait Sharjah

With the opening of the Al Bait Sharjah in December, this port town on the Arabian Gulf has stepped up its game on the hospitality front. The 53-key resort has forged a new anchor for the Heart of Sharjah, a redevelopment project that seeks to preserve a great swath...

Harvesting the Wind and the Past

When Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Al Midfa identified the site of his home in Sharjah back in the 1920s, effective...

Long Pool Cabana | GHM Journeys

A Walk Through Muscat’s Oasis

The Chedi Muscat in Oman is one of the fixtures in a country that has been making a name...

Muttrah Fish Market | Muscat

Landing Mackerel in Muscat

Muscat may be one of the less frenetic capitals in the Muslim world, but the city rarely lacks for...

Luxury Hotels | Switzerland | The Chedi Andermatt | GHM Journeys

Swiss Bliss: The Chedi Andermatt Spa

Ski season is blossoming in Switzerland, and for those who are seeking several days out on the slopes in...

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