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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Maldives

There are beach getaways—and then there are those places that seem more conjured than actual, where the water looks too blue to be true, and the sand more a matter of a photoshop wizardry than erosion. The Maldives is that kind of place. No wonder the legions of honeymooners,...

Why the Weerheyms Keep Going Back to The Chedi Muscat

Seven years ago, when Edith and Rudy Weerheym dropped into Dubai for a warm-weather holiday, they lasted just two nights. Rudy had worked in this corner of Arabia decades earlier as an oil & gas professional and was looking forward to seeing how the city had grown. But the...

There’s No Cloak, But Daggers Aplenty in Oman

With smooth highways, plentiful signage and a lack of frenetic population centres, Oman is one of the best places...

Souq Al Arsah, Sharjah

Camels that Hide in the Souqs of Sharjah

It’s impossible to decide whether Mohammed Nasrallah’s store in Sharjah’s Souq Al Arsah is a repository of delights or...


Embark on a Culinary Adventure in Sharjah

With my first-ever visit to Sharjah approaching, I wanted to find out if what I’ve been hearing is true:...

Luxury Hotels | Switzerland | The Chedi Andermatt | GHM Journeys

Swiss Bliss: The Chedi Andermatt Spa

Ski season is blossoming in Switzerland, and for those who are seeking several days out on the slopes in...

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