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An Abundance of Butterflies and Rides in Sharjah

17 November 2020

Portals to inspiration are not hard to find in Sharjah. And I’m excited to be entering another of its enlightening dimensions as Alexander, my 4-year-old, and I cross over the winding bridge that links Al Noor Island with the mainland. Long a beacon of culture in the Arab world,...

There’s No Cloak, But Daggers Aplenty in Oman

8 April 2020

With smooth highways, plentiful signage and a lack of frenetic population centres, Oman is one of the best places...

Rain Room Sharjah

When It Rains, They Soar in Sharjah

21 October 2019

It’s barely even midday, but where I am it is as dark as night. You don’t need more than...

The Royal Opera House Muscat

A Night at the Opera… in Oman

18 September 2019

“Would sir care for some Mozart? Or perhaps you prefer Puccini?” asks Abdul Rashid as we pull away from...

Harvesting the Wind and the Past

11 October 2018

When Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Al Midfa identified the site of his home in Sharjah back in the 1920s, effective ventilation was a prime consideration. A renaissance man of heady renown, Ibrahim – the scion of a trading family that owed its wealth to the lucrative trade in dates, rice,...

The First of Four Chambers at the Heart of Sharjah

4 May 2018

Dubai captured the world’s attention earlier this year when the world’s tallest hotel opened in a structure 356 metres...

Destination Oman | Bat Al Khutm | Al Ayn | GHM Journeys

Rich Remnants of the Past: Oman’s Bat, al-Khutm and al-Ayn

5 February 2018

Deep in the interior of north-western Oman’s arid landscape sit some of the most preserved and intact remnants of...

Iftar meal in Muscat | GHM Journeys

An Iftar Meal in Muscat

1 May 2016

Ramadan comes once a year for Muslims around the world, but this month-long holiday comes with an experience that...

Oman's Artful Beginnings | GHM Journeys

Oman’s Artful Beginnings

20 August 2015

From a kingdom that once spanned from Africa to India, to the thriving frankincense trade that left traders high...

ArtBasel | New Exhibition Hall | GHM Journeys

Summer of Art

16 June 2015

Art Basel sees gallerists, artists, curators and collectors descend on the Rhine-perched Swiss city every June, but it’s only...