Fine Dining
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Enjoy the majestic culinary delights and tantalise your taste buds with traditional Omani food in Muscat. With the unique combination of spices, delicate seafood dishes, and traditional Omani cuisine, you’ll be able to indulge in flavours that are truly one of a kind during your fine dining experience. 


The Chedi Muscat Restaurants & Lounges

Six restaurants and two lounges at The Chedi Muscat span the great cuisines and wines of the world, from the Mediterranean and the Middle East to Southeast Asia and India. Our award-winning luxury restaurants and dining venues offer exquisite global cuisines and their simple names represent sophisticated dining experiences. Be further spoiled with a choice of outstanding outdoor venues by the pool, beach or gardens (subject to seasonal weather conditions) that only adds to your stay and dining pleasure at GHM Hotels.

The Restaurant

Enjoy Western, Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine in a stylishly designed restaurant by renowned Japanese interior designer, Yasuhiro Koichi of Design Studio SPIN that blends clean Asian interiors with distinctive Omani architectural details. Savour refined dishes from around the world and enjoy impeccable service as the atmosphere at The Restaurant whisks you away to a different world. 

The Beach Restaurant

Enjoy your best dining experience here at our premier beachfront restaurant. Our remarkable 370 metre private beach provides the perfect backdrop for a night like no other. Directly facing the Gulf of Oman, take in a breathtaking panorama as you savour each dish at The Beach Restaurant

The Arabian Courtyard

Rest and relax in an oasis of tranquillity in The Arabian Courtyard, perfect for soaking up the bright sun or lounging under the night sky that is blanketed by dazzling stars. 

The Serai Pool Cabana

Savour a diverse selection of flavours while taking in a stunning view of blue sea and sky at The Serai Pool Cabana. As soft contemporary music wafts through the air, prepare to embark on a culinary journey that takes inspiration from different cuisines.

The Chedi Pool Cabana

Treat yourself to a truly exceptional experience at The Chedi Pool Cabana. Enjoy signature HuQQa shisha and a custom designed Tapas menu that will tantalise your taste buds, whilst the soft lounge tunes provide the perfect background music for you to take in your beautiful surroundings.

The Long Pool Cabana

Relax over delicious Japanese and other Asian dishes, expertly prepared by experienced chefs who bring a modern flair to classic cuisine at The Long Pool Cabana. Looking to cool off? Simply take a refreshing dip in the iconic pool.

The Lobby Lounge

Breathe in the fresh air of the manicured gardens and catch a glimpse of the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman, all while lounging with drinks and snacks at The Lobby Lounge. From regulars to overseas visitors, everyone can come together in this unique lounge and be inspired by its extraordinary atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chedi Muscat Restaurant

Which is the best luxury Muscat restaurant for families?

We recommend The Restaurant and The Serai Pool Cabana for families, especially those with children. 

At The Restaurant, treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettably delicious and luxurious dining experience. And with a choice to dine alfresco on the patio or in one of two private dining rooms, this restaurant ensures that all your dining events are truly special. 

Over at the Serai Pool Cabana, children are free to use the pool while the adults soak in the breathtaking views stretching from the deep blue sea to the majestic sky.

Does The Chedi Muscat have a famous romantic restaurant for couples?

We recommend The Beach Restaurant, The Chedi Pool Cabana, and The Long Pool Cabana for couples looking for a romantic dining experience.

Get ready to be tantalised by our creative seafood menu, combining classic cooking methods with tastes and ingredients from all over the world at the Beach Restaurant, all while enjoying the breathtaking sea views.

Meanwhile, at The Chedi Pool Cabana and The Long Pool Cabana, couples can have a choice of Mediterranean or Asian cuisine respectively and enjoy a dip in the iconic pools for a refreshing cool down.

How to choose one of our 5 star restaurants in Muscat?

Feel free to reach out to us at The Chedi Muscat for any enquiries to these luxury restaurants and dining venues so you can have a tailored experience in Muscat, Oman.

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