Experience a True Arabian Bazaar at Central Souq Sharjah

The Sharjah Central Souk also known as the Blue Souq due to the pastel blue tiles adorning its rounded roofs and facade, this is a shopping attraction that will entrance you with its striking Arabian charm. Designed by British architects Michael Lyle and Partners, the Central Souq is a sight to behold and one of Sharjah’s most photographed pieces of architecture. With special guidance from the Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasmi, the Central Souk features the indelible five-dirham note which is symbolic of UAE history, making it a landmark not to be missed when visiting Sharjah.

Admire Sharjah Central Souk’s Charming Design and Abundant Options

Boasting over 600 shops across the expansive two-storey buildings, be prepared to be amazed by the delightful sights and sounds of this busy marketplace. A well-loved shopping destination for lovers of design and interior decor, explore regional specialties at Sharjah Central Souq like colourful tapestry or intricate crafts.

A beautiful Arabian bazaar that is bound to impress even the most severe shopaholic, the Central Souk is a Sharjah shopping haven that sells a dazzling array of items, from fashionable clothing to authentic trinkets, handmade toys or precious stones and even luxury goods and jewellery. You will not get tired of weaving through the crowd to get the best discounts on these amazing goods available at Sharjah Central Souq.

Admission Details of Central Souk Sharjah

Admission is completely free to this iconic tourist attraction on the Sharjah map. Open from 9 am to 10 pm daily, the beautiful Central Souq offers an authentic Middle Eastern shopping experience late into the night, perfect for getting last-minute souvenirs for family or an evening rendezvous with your best friends.

Getting to Central Souq Sharjah from The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah

There are several ways to get from The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah to Sharjah Central Souq and you may choose which option to take depending on the things you wish to encounter along the way.

Scenic Path to Local Sights

For a more picturesque route nearer to Sharjah Creek, you can walk towards it and along Corniche Street from the hotel entrance until you see the Central Souk Mosque which indicates your proximity to the Souq itself. Enjoy the calming sounds of the water, the views across the street as well as the sight of local stores dotting the roads. You will also pass by Souq Al Jubail which is a modern indoor market for fresh seafood along with the restaurants selling delicious seafood fare.

Time-efficient Route in Style

To save on travelling time, a more convenient way of getting to Central Souq Sharjah is to contact our helpful staff at The Chedi Al Bait concierge who will be able to arrange for limousine services to and fro the Souq. With our well-informed and highly-trained drivers, you’ll be shopping at the Central Sharjah Souk and getting back to rest in no time.



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