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Tranquil Oasis

To view the spa treatments and beauty therapies available at The Spa at The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, please select one of the treatment categories.

Prices are in UAE Dirhams (AED) and inclusive of 10% Municipality fees and 5% VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact Ladies’ Spa +971 6 502 5526 or email us at [email protected].

Therapeutic Massages

Restore balance and vitality with a nurturing massage. Choose from Ayurvedic Abhyanga, Ancient Balinese, Himalayan Hot Stone or our indulgent The Chedi Massage with two therapists working in synchronisation. Each treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot polish and includes a choice of one of The Spa’s exclusive aromatherapy massage oils.

60 minutes – AED 815

A dynamic therapeutic massage that will dissolve deep muscle tension and soothe the spirit. Two therapists work in synchronized movements using a variety of remedial massage techniques including Japanese Shiatsu pressure point work, deep tissue Balinese Palming, orthopedic remedial Thai Stretching, lymphatic draining Swedish Effleurage and nurturing long stroke Lomi-Lomi massage from Hawaii. One of the best massage experiences.

60 minutes – AED 500
90 minutes – AED 675

This traditional Balinese style massage includes Balinese palming, stretching, effleurage and pressure point techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm the mind. The therapist will adjust the pressure to suit you, to relieve muscular tension.

90 minutes – AED 690

Shamans have used heated river stones in their healing practice for centuries. Warm stones are placed on the chakras and then massaged over the body to promote a deep state of relaxation, soothing away stress and dissolving muscular tension. The warmth from the stones penetrates to the deep layers of muscle tissues to release tension and overworked muscles. A deeply relaxing experience that will refresh energy and renew the spirit.

30 minutes – AED 300
60 minutes – AED 475

The healing practice of reflexology is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt, it is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot will bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body. Firm pressure is used to stimulate the reflex points in the feet. During the treatment you will float into a deep state of relaxation for a divine sense of balance and well-being.

90 minutes – AED 760

Kunye is the ancient form of massage therapy used in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, it is an effective dynamic healing art. restoring, harmonizing and strengthening the body’s natural flow of energy. A potent blend of essential oils is combined with the traditional techniques of cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking and hot stones to purify the five elements of the body, stimulate the lymphatic system and energize the subtle body and meridian system.

60 minutes – AED 460

Relaxation while laying prone in the early to mid-stages of pregnancy. Natural argan oil infused with herbal extracts of lavender, geranium and mandarin bring balance and harmony to mother and baby. Gentle lymphatic drainage massage techniques promote elimination of excess fluid retention while relaxation techniques relieve muscular tension.

90 minutes – AED 690

An ancient ritual to restore balance to body and mind with warmed therapeutic oil and Ayurvedic massage techniques. Warm nourishing oil is poured over the body with long sweeping movements to follow the natural flow of energy, with a focus on revitalizing the marma points. The benefits of the massage include firming and toning, improve circulation, aid detoxification and elimination, calm the nerves and improve sleep.

Deluxe Hammam Journeys

Discover a refined, opulent skin care line that tells the story of sumptuous Morocco – land of lights, country of abundance where nature blooms and expands, a universe of warmness, colours and fragrant landscapes. marocMaroc is an invitation for the senses to travel while pampering the face and body with extreme gentleness. By reinterpreting ancestral beauty customs through modern formulas, marocMaroc gives life to the most enchanting beauty tales inspired by the soft atmosphere of the hammam, the richness of the argan tree, the majesty of the rose, the authenticity of almond flowers.It’s very natural formulas -tested- its caressing touches, subtle perfumes, carefully selected plants, make it an exceptional line composed of elegant and seductive products. In each formula, ingredients are magnified through very natural textures, free of silicone and mineral oil. Pleasure and absolute confidence combine in these products formulated to minimize risks of allergy, non-comedogenic and tested for proven results.

60 minutes – AED 480

A beautiful cleansing hammam experience commencing with a warm herbal steam and kesse glove exfoliation using eucalyptus scented black soap. It continues with the application of honey, orange, beeswax and argan oil detoxifying and exfoliating body balm and exfoliation of the face with Grains de Lumiere facial scrub. After rinsing the skin is massaged with orange flower shower milk, rinsed and dried, leaving the skin supple and enriched.

90 minutes – AED 720

This 90-minute version of the marocMaroc Hammam Ritual includes the addition of a nourishing Almond Milk Shampoo, and scalp massage with Almond Cream Hair Mask. The treatment concludes with an application of Rose Body Milk or Nourishing Body Balm with argan oil.

120 minutes – AED 960

This ultimate hammam ritual includes all the above plus the addition of a massage with nourishing argan body balm.

Reviving Body Polish Rituals

Refine and purify your skin with one of our stimulating body polish rituals – Miel d’ Ambre.
A rich scrub packed with grains promoting “infinite sensations”, which generously spreads out, whitened on damp skin, then perfectly rinses off. It will leave you with detoxified, radiant and ultra-satiny skin and no feeling of oiliness.

60 minutes – AED 630

A body envelopment with Roses de Sucre, a rich body cream with a fantastic feel on the skin, wraps the body in absolute comfort and softness. Skin is nourished and wonderfully moisturised.

60 minutes – AED 630

Skin feels real pleasure with this gourmand exfoliating and detoxifying body balm. Inspired by traditional black soap Miel d’Ambre, frees the skin from toxins and dead cells and leaves it intensely purified.

Beauty Refining Facials

Discover the best face treatments thanks to our two face ranges:
Cactéa, our new well-ageing range highly concentrated in Prickly Pear Oil.
Générosité de l’Argan, our skincare range designed around Argan Oil.

60 minutes – AED 565

This facial showcases the rarest of oils: Prickly Pear Oil. An oil patiently extracted from the seed of the freshly-harvested fruit. It is prized for its incredible rejuvenating action (restructuring collagen), antioxidant, repairing and nourishing benefits. Precise and dynamic techniques, combining sculpting and facial gym, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sculpt the contours of the face and reveal the radiance of the complexion.This rejuvenating ritual based on energy, provides holistic well-being and visible results on the face.

Bathing Ceremonies

Ladies may indulge in one of our exotic bathing ceremonies offered at the Ladies’ Spa with GHM range of signature aromatherapy elixirs .

30 minutes – AED 300

A wonderfully relaxing whirl bath in one of The Chedi’s private spa suites is the perfect start or end to any massage therapy. French clay, natural argan oil, essential oils and magnesium bath salts bring therapeutic benefits to this relaxing experience. Clay is toning and firming while magnesium relieves muscle fatigue and soreness. Argan oil is replenishing and nourishing for all skin types while an exquisite blend of essential oils will balance the nervous system to relieve stress and tension.

Choose from the following:
Red clay for sensitive skin / Yellow clay for dry skin / White Clay for normal skin / Green clay for oily skin

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