Mleiha Stargazing

Welcome to The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, UAE, where we offer you the ultimate stargazing experience in the beautiful and historic area of Mleiha.

Mleiha is known throughout the world for its clear night skies, making it the perfect destination for avid and casual stargazers alike to explore the beauty of the unending cosmos. At The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah, we take pride in providing our guests with not just the indulgent comforts of our esteemed hotel, but also the opportunity to experience the wonder of the stars and more.

Mleiha stargazing experiences available in Sharjah include a guided tour of the night sky led by professional astronomers, as well as dining in the desert and overnight stargazing camps. With state-of-the-art telescopes, you will have the chance to see distant galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters in stunning detail. Professional astronomers will also provide you with information about the history and mythology of the constellations you see, making the experience all the more special.

Mleiha Stargazing Highlights

Embark on a journey of discovery and awe as you gaze upon the star-studded skies of the Mleiha Desert. Unwind under the stars as knowledgeable experts highlight key constellations and other celestial sightings experienced best when Mleiha stargazing.

Observe the ancient beauty of the Milky Way galaxy, the brilliance of the Orion constellation, and the magnificent sight of meteor showers and shooting stars. Marvel at the stunning spectacle of the planet Jupiter and its four largest moons through high-powered telescopes that let you witness every detail humanly possible.

The Mleiha desert offers the perfect setting for stargazing, with minimal light pollution and clear night skies unique to desert areas. Indulge in utmost tranquillity and serenity while immersing yourself in the mystery and majesty of the great beyond.

Getting to Mleiha Desert for Stargazing

The Mleiha Desert is just below an hour’s drive from the Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah.

Those who wish to drive there themselves can get on King Faisal St/S112 from Hisn Ave and Al Arouba St/S103. At the roundabout, take the 5th exit onto King Faisal St/S112 heading to Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Continue on to Maleha St/S112/S116 and follow S116 to Maleha. Take the exit toward Khatam/Ruwaidah/Hamda from S116 and follow the road for another 10 minutes or so to arrive at your destination. View the location map for visual aid.

Those who wish to have transportation arranged for them can simply approach our multilingual concierge team at The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah for assistance regarding Mleiha stargazing arrangements.

On top of Mleiha Stargazing

In addition to Mleiha stargazing, The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah also offers a variety of other sightseeing activities for guests to enjoy. From adventures through the Kalba Mangrove to visits to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, there is something for everyone to experience in the UAE. Our hotel also features a luxurious spa, multiple dining options, and comfortable accommodations to ensure that your stay with us is truly unforgettable.



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